14 Quotes For The Girl Who Cares Too Much

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You've got a big heart, you don't have to hide it.

Caring too much is not a weakness— but sometimes it can feel like one. You put yourself on the line, over and over again, for people who don't necessarily return the favor. It can be hard, it can be painful, but it's what makes you who you are.

"I wonder how much of what weighs me down is not mine to carry."

"Some say I'm too sensitive, but the truth is I just feel too much. Every word, every action, and ever energy goes straight to my heart."

"There's a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for someone who wouldn't even jump into puddles for you."

"You know what I hate? I'm the type of person who will always care about you, no matter what you put me through. If I cared about you once, I'll care about you forever. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so nice and could actually not care for once."

"Maybe I care too much, but that's only because I believe everyone deserves to be loved fiercely and passionately, and I refuse to be the person who gives up on someone who needs it the most. Why? Some people might ask. It's because I know what it feels like and no one should ever feel that way."

"I care. I always care. This is my problem."

"Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don't care, but because they don't."

“Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.”

"She's a badass with a big heart."

"Overthinking is a painful reminder that you care too much, even when you shouldn't."

"Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them."

"Some people care too much, I think it's called love."

"When you have a good heart: you help too much, you trust too much, you give too much, you love too much, and it always seems you hurt the most."

"And while she never felt quite normal, she was nowhere near crazy. She just loved too much. Choosing to see the world through her heart, instead of her eyes."

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