Jenny Werth

Photo of Jenny Werth
San Diego, CA
San Diego State University
Personal Wellness, Fashion Trends, Beauty And Aging
  • Jenny wrote her first book when she was 8 years old, solidifying her lifelong love of the written word and expression.
  • International and domestic travels inspired her awareness of fashion trends in various cultures.
  • She spent years covering the hectic red carpet in Hollywood, which exposed her to the ins and outs of celebrity styles.


Jenny has worked as a professional writer for over two decades. In her 20s, she launched a travel column and began interviewing people from all walks of life. After moving from San Diego to Los Angeles, she settled in the Hollywood scene and discovered everything there was to know about beauty secrets. There, she found a lifelong love for fashion. She has written for numerous newspapers and magazines, including the La Jolla Light, FINE magazine, and Hollywood Weekly, before transitioning to websites. Jenny began freelancing for Static Media in 2022.


Jenny has a bachelor's degree in journalism from San Diego State University.

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