How To Find Snapchat's New Custom Geo Filters

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Want to know how to find Snapchat's new custom geo filters? It's easier than you think!

How to find Snapchat's new custom geo filters is actually really easy. Because if you want to see how to find Snapchat's new custom geo filters, it only takes a basic knowledge of Snapchat. In fact, you don't really need to change anything to find Snapchat's new custom geo filters. Even though it sounds really complicated to design your own filter, that's super easy. And with everyone creating filters, how are you supposed to find one that your friend made? Well, that's super easy too. In fact, now that you can do it all from your phone rather than having to use a computer, the process has become super slick.

So if you're looking to create a geofilter for a party, if your friend made one for their wedding, if there are just ones that you want to check out because you're curious, don't worry. Snapchat is, as ever, incredibly straightforward to use. So before you know it you'll be using custom Snapchat geofilters for every event— but be careful, because the prices can add up.

Still, if you're new to using it and it's your first time, you've come to the right place. Here's how you find the custom Snaphat geofilters.

Find How To Build A Custom Snapchat Geo Filter In Settings

To find how to make them is really easy. Just go into Snapchat's settings and clock on "On-Demand Geofilters", then you'll be brought to a whole studio where you can design your own. Now, when you're making one, you'll have to set the geographically area you want to cover— which is key for other people being able to find your filter.

Find Ones Someone Else Made With All The Other Filters

So you know your friend has made a custom filter and you want to find it? Well, that's easy— you just scroll through all of the usual filters and it will be there. The catch? You need to be in the geographical area that they set the filter for. Once the filter is live, then anyone who's in the area should get it. So yeah, some randoms may be playing around with your filter— but it should be really simple for you to find.

If you were worried about how to find the custom Snapchat geo filters, there's really nothing to worry about. They've done a great job of making it really easy and straightforward. So, whether you were looking to make one yourself or find your friend's custom one at a party, then simplicity is key. You can make them with ease and, as long as someone is in the area you specified, then it should be really easy to find them. The one thing you need to watch out for is price— the bigger the area you cover, the more expensive the Snapchat filter will be. So while you may think that covering a whole street will mean that everyone can get on board, that may be an unpleasant shock to your bank account. But as long as you keep an eye on the cost, there's no reason not to play around with the new custom Snapchat geo filters— they are easy to use and easy to find.

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