Even Science Agrees, People Who Binge Watch Netflix Are Actually Smarter

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Living that Netflix life— and apologizing for nothing.

TV binging has to be one of the most satisfying behaviors of all time. You just completely indulge for an evening, afternoon (or a week) and zone out from the world.

But it can be easy to feel guilty about that sort of behavior, like you're just being a total slob. And you know what? It may be lazy as hell— but science says that actually makes you clever. Really.

Laziness Is Next To Godliness


OK, so not exactly. BUT laziness is actually a sign of intelligence, it turns out.

A recent study found Florida Gulf Coast University looked at 'thinkers' and 'non thinkers'. And you know what it found? Thinkers are a lot less active than non-thinkers.

And we all know there's very little that's less active than a Netflix binge. It's like me and my couch become one. One beautiful, lazy piece of human furniture. So I must be a real thinker indeed.

Next time you want to just shut the whole world away because Orange is The New Black is coming back, don't sweat it.

But Be Careful


But before you get too carried away, you have to remember that you can still be a clever binger and move around a bit— and science says you should.

A massive Japanese study found that saying in one place and watching TV increased the risk of fatal pulmonary embolisms and early death.

So maybe do some crunches in front of Kimmy Schmidt, am I right? Stay safe, fellow bingers.

Taking some time out to avoid the world and watch TV is an urge so many of us get from time to time. And as we saw, feeling lazy is totally natural for a clever folks.

Just make sure that you take some time to get up, stretch, or even workout during your binge. You need to stay alive you know— there's a lot more TV out there that needs watching.

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