Don't Change For Anyone: 13 Ways To Own Your Insecurities

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Squash that self-doubt right now!

No matter how long you've struggled with insecurities, it may not mean you have a handle on them. They manage to sink into so much of your day-to-day and can have an amazing power to dictate how you behave.

If your insecurities have gotten the better of you, don't worry — there are ways to control them and live your life.

So instead of fighting them, here's how to own them. Remember, you're in charge:

1. Remember That Everyone Has Them

Every single person, no matter how confident they seem, has hangups. Don't believe me? Try asking your friends and you'll be amazed what you hear.

2. Tell Yourself: Imperfections Are A Good Thing

Every time you think about something you don't like about yourself, remember you wouldn't want to be cookie cutter. Perfection is boring.

3. Be Aware When You're Projecting

The worst part of insecurities is that they can taint everything you see. Be aware when you're letting them warp the world around you and try to take a step back.

4. Come Up With Coping Mechanisms

Maybe you need to take a breath. Maybe you need to get some exercise. Put when your insecurities are getting the best of you, figure out what works for you and use it to get some perspective on the situation.

5. Cut Out Toxic People

You're insecurities play up when people exacerbate them. Keep away from environments that incubate bad feelings, even if that means cutting a few cords.

6. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Rather than stressing and internalizing, give them some air time. Talk about your biggest fears with a friend of loved one and they'll feel less like a monkey on your back.

7. Try Flaunting What You're Insecure About

If you're shy, try speaking up at a party. Insecure about your body? Show it off. Doing the scary thing often shows it's not as bad as you imagined it will be.

8. Talk Yourself UP

The best way to banish insecurities? Give yourself a pep talk.

9. Lists Can Work Wonders

Make a list of things you're grateful for, things you love about yourself. Just writing down the good points and being able to look at them makes it feel more present.

10. Laugh And Laugh And Laugh

It is the best medicine. Whether it's a comedy night or a binge of Kimmy Schmidt, laughing will shake you out of any insecure funk.

11. Look At Where Those Insecurities Come From

Normally insecurities have some deeper roots. Taking a look at where these fears come from is a great step towards banishing them.

12. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

A sure-fire way to feel small is to compare yourself to other people. Maybe he's skinnier than you or she has more money? Who cares.

Instead, remember that you have insecurities and that's fine— so do they— and it doesn't matter how different your lives look. Everyone's doing their own thing.

13. Never Let Anything Hold You Back

The way to really own your insecurities is to make sure they never prohibit you from doing something you'd like to do. If you don't feel up to something, think about why. Instead of letting that insecurity get to you, just accept it and keep doing the things you love to do.

Insecurities are truly universal, so you should never feel bad about having them. Instead, air them out and talk to your friends— you'll be amazed how cathartic it can be.

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