9 Totally Normal Insecurities You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

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Squash that self doubt!

It's a sad truth that we spend way too much time feeling insecure. Insecurities hold us back in so many ways. So if you're struggling, you're not alone. Here are the insecurities we all get from time to time.

1. Your Looks


UGH. The worst, but also probably the most common. No matter how body positive you try to be, everyone has moments of self-doubt— and we're often not as kind to other people as we are to ourselves. It's not your fault, but do your best to shake it off, because it is not worth it.

2. That You're Faking It At Your Job


Everybody in the world feels this. Literally nobody knows what they're doing.

3. That You Don't Deserve To Be Happy

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You may not even realize that's what you're feeling, but you may be acting like it anyway.

4. That's You'll Never Meet Someone

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It's amazing how many incredible people can feel totally unlovable.

5. Or That You'll Never Meet Anyone Who Treats You Right


It keep people in a lot of bad relationships. It's really common to put up with way too much bad behavior because you're too insecure to think you can get someone else— you don't have to do that.

6. That Your Friends Are Hanging Out Without You


For some reason, this hangup from 5th grade just won't seem to die. And it's so weird— they're your friends for a reason.

7. Or That They Straight Up Hate You


Your friends, people at a party, people at work— way too many of us feel like people just hate us. Which is so not the case and also really self-absorbed. It assumes that everyone just sits around thinking about you and brewing up hatred, which definitely isn't true.

8. That You're Not Where You Need To Be


In your relationships, in your career, in your life. So many us of feel like we're 10 step behind where we should be. But you're doing just fine.

9. That You're Just Not Enough

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It's awful, it's not true, but we all feel that way sometime. Don't give yourself a hard time.

Being insecure is totally natural– and nothing to feel embarrassed about. Just try to remember that everyone goes through it and come up with activities that make you feel good and realize how amazing you are!

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