7 Behaviors Strong People Never Tolerate In Their Friendships


Friendships can be the most amazing things in the world, they can get you through anything But they also are pretty damn complicated... and can turn sour pretty quickly. Here'w what strong people never put up with in friendships.

Now, if you do these things, it's doesn't mean you're not a strong person— you're just still figuring things out. That's totally OK. You can learn from them.

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1. Being Used

Whether you realize someone is just trying to get closer to someone you know, using you to attend events, or just treating you like a tool rather than a person, it's not OK. There's nothing wrong with cutting off ties if you realize that someone isn't interested in you as a person. You're worth so much more than that.

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2. Constantly Bailing

Sure, we all need to bail once in a while. Either something comes up or you really can't face going out— that's totally understandable. But strong people will not put up with being stood up time and time again. We're all way too busy for that sh*t. If someone is constantly flaking, you don't need to keep up that friendship.

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3. Always Being Late

Just like bailing, it's OK if it happens once in a while. But it can't be all the time. Confident people know that their time has worth and shouldn't be messed with.

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4. A One Way Street

We all have had a friend who only calls and text when they need something. They expect you to be consistently available but, when you need something, they're notably absent. You don't need to put up with that. Friendship is a two-way street— and people who can stand up for themselves know that.

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5. Hooking Up With Someone Off-Limits

I get really annoyed when someone calls 'dibs' on every person they see. That's not OK. But there are some no-go people with close friends— and that needs to respected. If they don't respect that, they don't respect you. You don't need to stand for it.

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6. Being Patronized

You know that friend who has been in a relationship for two seconds and suddenly starts talking down to you because you're single? Or the one who acts like she knows more about your jobs than you do? There's no need to put up with that. Friends should treat each other as equals.

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7. Talking Behind Your Back

It's totally understandable to talk to mutual friends when you're worried about someone. But someone shouldn't be saying stuff to other people that they wouldn't say for you. There's a difference between worry or letting off steam and being actually cruel and gossipy. And you really, really don't have to put up with it.

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It's really easy to get walked all over and a friendship— and hard to stand up for yourself. But there are some things you just can't let slide.

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