13 Hilarious Thoughts All Women Have Before Sending Nudes

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My butt looks like WHAT?!

It's all about the nudes. Well, if you're into that sort of thing. Some women find sending nudes the most empowering, sexy thing in the world— while for others it's an absolute worst nightmare. So don't feel like if you have to get into the habit of taking them unless you really love it. But for those of us who do, it can be a pretty sexy— and hilarious process.

Because part of taking nudes is feeling like a sexual goddess, but another part of it involves seeing yourself from angles that you were never meant to see yourself from. Seriously. Never. Even the most confident woman will find it a ridiculous process at a times, but it also can be a really fun way to boost your confidence and make you feel like a million dollars.

So if you find taking nudes awkward, you're not alone. There's a lot more to it than what you see in the finished product. But you should have fun with it— the only reason you should be taking and sending them is that it makes you feel good— so you learn to laugh it off when you see angles of your butt that you never want to see again. Trust.

1. Am I Really Going To Do This?


There's a moment when you're not sure if you're really going to go through with it— which is normally as you're already taking the pictures. You're doing this, let's get real.

2. Damn, I Look Good


That amazing feeling when you look ten time hotter than you expected.

3. Well, Not From That Angle


Only to have that feeling immediately crushed when you get a random picture that makes you look like an angry walrus and heat. Now you're questioning everything you ever thought you knew.

4. I Guess I Can Never Run For President


(You were never going to run for President anyway. Sorry.)

5. Why Is That Shampoo Bottle In The Way?


There's always something distinctly unsexy lurking in the background of your picture. You just try to pretend you did it on purpose.



Those parts of you that you've never seen before? You're going to see them. You're going to see them really close up.

7. Is This Pose Too Try-Hard?


You wonder, laying in on a chaise lounge with a boa wrapped around you and peacocks feeding you grapes. Just try to act natural.

8. I Should Send Them To My Friends First


They will give you their honest opinions. Brutal, yes— incredibly brutal. But honest.

9. Is There A Way To Watermark These Things?


It's hard to send a nude without being worried about where they could end up. So for a hot second, you're going to think about how much you really trust the person, even if you've known them for years. You want to be sure.

10. What If My Roommate Walks In?


It's going to be hard to explain why you're laying naked in bed pouting into your iPhone. Did you remember to lock the door?

11. Do I Need To Write A Message?


Does this speak for itself? Do you send a message? Cute? Serious? Emojis? THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS.

12. Am I Actually Going To... ?


Yes. Yes you really, really are.

13. I'll Be Glad I Took These When I'm Old


You're going to want to remember how sexy you looked. You're doing this for future you.

Sending nudes is a really fun process— but one that can also be really awkward. You discover that random mole and ingrown hair you never though you had (thanks a lot, body) and also see yourself twisted into angles that you never want to repeat. Like ever. But as ridiculous as it is, it should also be sexy and silly and make you feel like a million dollars. Because at the end of the day, it's all about you.

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