13 Hilarious Things Every Woman Does Before A First Date


First date nerves are the worst— and can make you act a little crazy. Don't worry, we've all been there.

Getting ready for a first date can be truly nerve-wracking. Especially when so many of us meet people online, there's an added potential for awkwardness when you're going to see someone you've never met in real life before.

Add in compulsive checking the mirror to see what the hell you've done with your makeup and if you have food stuck in your teeth, it's easy to panic.

Don't worry, we've all been there:

1. Text Your Friends For Advice


Whether it's what you're wearing or what you should talk about, your friends will get a couple of panic texts about how nervous you are. It's fine, you do the same for them.

2. And Probably With Pictures Of Your Outfit


Is this ok? Do I look ridiculous? Too much boob? Not enough boob? You need answers.

3. Wonder If You Should Confirm


Do I text them to make sure we're still on? Does that seem weird? Suddenly, you're overanalyzing on overdrive. Just text them, it's not a big deal.

4. Try (And Fail) Get Your Makeup Right


So much liquid eyeliner. In your eye. Take a deep breath and start from scratch.

5. Decide You Should *Definitely* Cancel


But then you don't. Even though Netflix and you couch is calling your name.

6. Some Last Minute Stalking


Facebook, Instagram, whatever you have access to. You've looked through them before, of course. But you need to be sure.

7. Remind Yourself What You Stalked


They've told you about their sister, but not about their second cousin Ginny you saw on Instagram. Don't mention Ginny and look like a creeper. You got this.

8. Check For Sweat Patches


Your hands are sweaty, have you... yup, you have massive sweat patches on your shirt. Time to change.

9. Give Yourself One Last Confidence Boost


You are a rockstar. You are a majestic mountain lion. You did not drop an entire burrito into your lap this afternoon.

10. Have A Mini Panic Attack On The Way There


All of that was a lie. You regret everything. You should not be allowed to date.

11. Arrive Either Stupidly Early Or Stupidly Late


Stupidly early means you look way too keen, stupidly late makes you look like a flake. You just can't win.

12. Pretend To Text To Look Busy And Important


You can text that gibberish for hours. If you're lucky, one of your friends will be online. But if they aren't, it won't stop you. Fake type away.

13. Double Check Their Name


Nothing worse than forgetting the name of someone you've been chatting to on Tinder because you and your friends have just been referring to them as "tall guy" or "the banker". Make sure you know that sh*t.

Everybody might have their own first date rituals, but nerves and awkwardness are universal. Don't worry— it all gets easier after the first date. I promise.

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