13 Fun & Weird Orgasm Facts You Definitely Didn’t Learn In Biology Class

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Go 'O' or go home.

Considering the state of sexual education in this country, there's a chance you didn't even get a comprehensive sex ed class. And even if you did, let's be honest— they don't go into the good stuff. If your class was anything like mine, there was an awkward teacher who didn't want to be there going through the very basics with you— basically shouting USE A CONDOM before running out of the room as fast as they good.

Oh, and lots of really awkward giggling from the class, of course. And the one thing that we barely even touched on was one of the most important parts of sex— the orgasm.

Because the orgasm is an amazing, powerful experience. In school, you may have learned it only in terms of getting someone pregnant, but there's so much more to it than that. Not only does it feel amazing— and I mean, whoa— it's also incredibly good for you.

Orgasms have all sorts of benefits and, especially as women, we're blessed with the ability of having multiple. So be sure to know all about the amazing orgasms that your body has to offer. You owe it to yourself. Here are some facts about the orgasm that you never learned in school— because it's about way more than just reproduction, thank you very much.

1. The Clitoris Has 8,000 Nerve Endings


Yup, more than anywhere else on the body. More than a penis. And all in a fun little button— no wonder it feels so good

2. Some Women Can Come From Just Nipple Play


Nipple orgasms are a real thing.

3. And Some Can Orgasm From Just KISSING


They say it's all in the mind. Being in the right mental state is a huge part of female orgasm— and sometimes you don't need the genital stimulation at all.

4. Women Are More Built For Multiple Orgasms


We don't have the same cool down period after an orgasm— we stay more aroused than men do which allows us to have multiple orgasms and climax for a longer duration of time. So that just means it's time to go again.

5. Lesbians Have A Higher Orgasm Rate For Women Than Straight Couples


And I probably don't need to tell you why.

6. Most Women Need Clitoral Stimulation To Orgasm


... OK, that's why. Being able to orgasm from penetration alone is really rare— like maybe only 30 percent of women, according to some studies.

7. Women's Pain Threshold Increases From Orgasms


In some cases, it goes up by over 100 percent.

8. Orgasms Can Take A While


The record for the longest time it's taken to masturbate to orgasm is way higher than you'd expect— over 6 hours for a woman and over 8 hours for a man. Who has that kind of time?

9. Finding Your G-Spot Can Help Your Orgasms


It's a rough, ridged bit of skin where there's a lot of pleasure.

10. They Say Orgasm Quality Increases While You Age


So you have a lot to look forward to.

11. Some Women Orgasm During Exercise


It's true. A coregasm is a thing.

12. And Some Come During BIRTH


I'm not even going to begin to pretend to understand that one.

13. Condoms Don't Affect The Quality Of Orgasms


So don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

— I would say that all of these amazing facts should have talked you into having an orgasm, but let's be real— you probably didn't need any convincing anyway. But the truth is, orgasms are powerful and great for you— and we just don't learn about them when we're younger. So instead of just thinking of them as part of the reproductive process, let's take a sex-positive view and celebrate everything that orgasms have to offer you. Because they're pretty effiing amazing.

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