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If you are a Disney fanatic, look no further! This Disney SAT quiz will have you wanting to rewatch all of these classics!

 Nov 25, 2017

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What time did Cinderella have to be home from the ball before the spell wore off?
12:00 Midnight

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Which of the following is NOT one of the seven dwarfs?

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What did King Triton always carry in his hand?

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In the Lion King 2, Simba's daughter's name was _________.

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Who was the villain in Hercules?
Captain Hook

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What did the evil queen give to Snow White?
3 Candles
Poisoned apple
Magic beans

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Pocahontas is to willow tree, as Cinderella is to _________.
Talking crab
Magic beans
Fairy Godmother

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What did Alice enter Wonderland through?
A magic wardrobe
A phone booth
A rabbit hole

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How is Peter Pan different from other children?
He never grows up
He was afraid of eating candy
He was a ghost

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Which of these is NOT a song from Beauty and the Beast?
"The Bare Necessities"
"Be Our Guest"

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Scar was Simba's evil ________.

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What happened when Bambi went to play with Thumper on the frozen pond?
He had trouble walking
He fell through the ice
He was caught by a hunter

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What were the names of the three kittens in 'The Atristocats'?
Huey, Duey, and Louie
Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse
Pluto, Winnie, and Gatson

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Which actor provided voices for characters in 'Aladdin' and 'Back To Neverland'?
Robin Williams
Eddie Murphy
Samuel E. Wright

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What curse did Maleficent put on Aurora?
On her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger and die
All of her husbands will die before she is able to bare a child
She will never grow old
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