Quiz: Are You Smart Enough To Be A Prosecutor? 16 Questions Will Tell!

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This quiz tests your knowledge on law and the justice system to see if you know enough to ace this quiz.

 Oct 27, 2017
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What do you call a person who testifies under oath in a court of law?
Defense attorney
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What is a jury?
Family members who come to watch a trial
A group of people sworn to give a verdict in a legal case
The building that contains the courtrooms
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Where would someone go for a case involving child support?
Family Court
Supreme Court
Divorce Court
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What is the term for when evidence is gathered before a trial?
Lab testing
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When being sworn in, what does a witness put their hand on?
A pair of handcuffs
The judge's mallet
A bible
6 of 16TRUE or FALSE?
Lawyers never get paid if they lose a case.
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A jury typically consists of _____ memebers
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Which phrase means ''produce the body''?
Probable cause
Habeas Corpus
Dia de los Muertos
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How many years is law school?
1 year and a half
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The place a lawyer works at is called a what?
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If a lawyer takes a case of someone they know personally, this is called ________.
a defendant
conflict of interest
an objection
12 of 16TRUE or FALSE?
It is illegal to lie while under oath.
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What is litigation?
Action taken between opposing parties to enforce or defend a legal right
When DNA is found on a murder weapon
Questioning a suspect
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What is the final decision made by the jury called?
Majority rule
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Who is in charge of a courtroom?
The judge
The bailiff
The plaintiff
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Which among the following is not part of your Miranda Rights?
The right to an attorney
The Right to bear arms
The right to remain silent
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