Only 1 In 50 People Can Unscramble These 16 Old-Fashioned Phrases

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Do you know your old fashioned phrases?

 Nov 27, 2017
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Are you ready to test your knowledge of old school phrases and sayings? If you grew up hearing old school phrases that did not exactly make sense, but you knew exactly what they meant, then you just might be able to pass this quiz with flying colors! Do you know when the cows come home? What it means when the fat lady sings? Or what about someone who is mean as all get out? If you said yes to any of these questions, then this is the place for you! wants to put you to the test/ Are you ready for it? From quizzes about your hometown to quizzes about your favorite songs, has it all! Looking for a math test? A grammar test? A movie test? Or maybe even a nursery rhyme test? Whatever your heart desires, we can quiz you on it! Visit to check out some of our other viral content, and as always, don't forget to share with your friends! Our goal at is to make people feel good about who they are - and take a relaxing break from the world outside to do something that they enjoy. So take a breath, stop whatever you're doing, and get ready to have a little fun. This three-minute escape is exactly what you need! You can do it! Relax, clear your mind, and you just might want to give your parents a call to brush up on all of their old sayings they used to say when you were a kid!

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