Your May 13th Daily Love Horoscope

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Will the stars bring you love today?

May 13th Daily Love Horoscope Based On Your Sign!

If you're looking for your May 13th daily love horoscope, you're in luck! Or if you're looking for your full daily May 13th horoscope based on your zodiac sign, we've got that too! Just click here!

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Your May 13th Daily Love Horoscope!


Today's celestial energy creates the potential for a deeply emotional encounter. This is not something that you can prepare for, as it will happen of its own accord. But you will know when the moment has arrived because you will suddenly realize that - whether you have known this person for a while or only just met - there is a really powerful chemistry between you that defies rational explanation.


The planetary influences of the day will melt the last vestiges of resistance that you have been putting up against the advances of a certain person. There may not have been any particular reason for this, as you know that you are just playing hard to get. Today you will not be able to play any longer, as the feelings have become too strong.


Today's celestial atmosphere may encourage you to take definitive action concerning someone who you have been writing to for a while over the Internet. You realize that even though you may not have met physically, you have to get to know each other on a far deeper level. Maybe the next step is a phone call to let them know how you feel.


Under the influence of today's strong planetary energy, this is a day for romance in all its glory. Whether you are in a permanent relationship, or out on a first date, you would be wise to dress in soft blues or colors that evoke mother of pearl. Your interactions will tend to be very feeling oriented, and you will want to share your deepest secrets and your love.


Today's celestial energy makes you a little unsure of how to express yourself. On the one hand you just want to say what you have to say with a minimum of fuss and total honesty. On the other hand you also realize that in sharing your deeper feelings you could become quite emotional and are worried about showing yourself to be quite so vulnerable. Just let it flow!


You may feel that a discussion about your relationship is needed to help you both decide where you should go from here. However, today's astral configuration may make it more difficult to find a starting point from which you can talk without becoming too emotional. Perhaps some action is called for instead. Maybe an outing together would help things to gel between you, more than dialogue would.


Today's planetary alignment makes for an interesting day in terms of your current relationship. The fact that one of you dares to speak up about an emotional issue that involves you both may create arguments. Yet unless this is sorted out, this same topic of conversation is going to arise over and over again. It would help if you could genuinely listen to what each has to say.


You may feel quite swept away by your feelings, especially with today's celestial energy. You may also feel a little resentful that you care so much about someone who does not seem to be responding with equal ardor. This is a tricky and potentially painful situation, but as usual, if you can get to talk, much could be resolved, and it need not all end in tears.


The alignment at play today may make you feel like covering your hurt feelings with an act of defiant bravado. If you and the lower life form that dared to give you that push end up accidentally meeting today, then you will not be the one to rush over, face wet with tears, begging for forgiveness. In fact you will be inclined to let them know that they are the least of your worries.


Don't worry if you don't feel particularly romantic and tenderhearted this morning, as the planetary energy will soon have you in the right frame of mind. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite your darling over for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or perhaps all three. Why not have a day of love and enjoy every moment of it? The cosmos supports any attempt to share your deepest feelings.


With today's celestial energy, you have every chance of having a wonderful evening out. Make sure to wear clothes that heighten your subtle charms and give you an air of mystery. There is an air of unreality around that nevertheless makes your current love affair seem like a grand romantic adventure. It is a great time to get to know each other and appreciate the feelings you both share.


You may find it difficult to grasp what is going on between you and your sweetheart today, especially under the influence of today's astral configuration. There seems to be a powerful force drawing you ever closer together, which you can't seem to understand, no matter how much thought you give it. Don't even try; just enjoy the growing feeling of real love that is developing between you.

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