Your Daily May 18th Love Horoscope Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

Are you curious if you'll be lucky in love today?

May 18th Daily Love Horoscope Based On Your Sign!

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Your May 18th Daily Love Horoscope!


Today's astral configuration encourages a loved one to play a trick on you, perhaps to test just how faithful you really are when tempted to stray from the straight and narrow path. The best advice is to keep awake and alert, and to deal with anything that may seem strangely suspicious in an honorable and praiseworthy manner. Don't be led into any traps; have the last laugh yourself.


Sometimes those whom we imagine to be upright, normal, hardworking and solid people turn out to be very different when we eventually get to meet them. With today's celestial energy, someone you are going out with on a date may not be anything like you had hoped. They may be threatening to your image, but they will be exciting to be with.


The current aspect may encourage you to contradict yourself several times over the course of an important date. Your new partner may find you enchanting, but also annoyingly unfathomable. You are obeying one rule though, and that is to be totally and utterly true to your inner nature. If they don't like it, they can go and find someone else who is predictable and sadly lacking in spontaneity.


You could come across some very strange fish today. Today's celestial energy brings all the more colorful characters out to play. If you are going out to any social occasion, then you could meet one of these more bizarre beings who will proceed to cheer you up. If they also have a few personal problems, you may end up taking them home for your unique brand of therapy!


You are very much aware of the dynamics of your ideal relationship with today's celestial energy. Someone that you are particularly fond of is bringing you to an understanding of what exactly you want out of a partnership. Whatever lessons you may have learnt before, they are can only be of benefit as you decide just how far you would like this latest affair to go.


Today's astral configuration encourages you to feel more optimistic about the possibility of a relationship with someone special. But you might need to make more effort to become further acquainted with them than you have in the past. Try rearranging your wardrobe and wearing different combinations of clothes; get your hair done in a new style, and give out a positive and warm attitude. This could work wonders.


Love is in the air with today's celestial energy. If you are going out on a date, then it will probably be quite a romantic occasion. But don't expect them to totally knock you off your feet. They may be waiting for some kind of signal from you that you do care about them. The ball is very much in your court; play it how you will.


The current celestial energy brings the whole subject of give and take in relationships out into the open. You know that you have very special feelings toward someone, but have found it difficult to express how you feel for fear of being hurt. There is a benign influence around today, so use this to break the ice and show that you care. You will get a positive response.


It takes two to tango, as the saying goes, but with today's aspect at play, you are very aware that in any relationship both people need to say yes, yet only one needs to say no to have all the illusions shattered. In order to avoid this you just have to be honest and say what is on your mind. This will clear up a whole heap of trouble.


Things will certainly be different with today's astral configuration. If you can work on the general assumption that whatever you plan is bound to turn out very differently than you imagine, then you will be thinking along the right lines. Dates, dinners, and social activities may be very unusual, as a mysterious X factor stirs up your love life. Just enjoy the experience - don't panic.


Today's astral configuration may not create the most romantic of atmospheres for a great night out with your sweetheart, but it will certainly be an evening to remember. Whether they seem to be exhibiting a bizarre change in character, or are just feeling mischievous, the date certainly won't be anything like you expected. But life would be boring if everything was so predictable - wouldn't it?


It only takes one spark to create a fire, and similarly it only takes one of Cupid's arrows to start a raging love affair. The current planetary alignment may just provide the necessary ingredient today to do just that. Needless to say it will be totally unexpected. But you'll soon get to like it, and will be glad that for once you too were fooled by fate.

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