Who Is Simon Cowell's Wife? The X-Factor Tycoon's Scandal

simon cowell wife

Does Simon Cowell have a wife? Lauren Silverman is the closet person to that title. The America's Got Talent star and the socialite have a 3 year old son together, Eric and have been dating since 2013.

Who Is Simon Cowell's Wife?

Most America's Got Talent fans probably prefer to forget the fact that Simon Cowell is taken because it's easier to focus on his demanding personality and critical producer than his love life. However, when Eric Cowell, Simon's son, shows up as a judge on America's Got Talent, it's hard to forget he is partnered up!

Simon and partner, Lauren Silverman, actually have a steamy and scandalous start: Lauren was married while they started dating. Simon deeply regretted the affair but is extremely happy at the beautiful ending....their son.

Since you'll be seeing more of the real dad behind Cowell, I think it's time to finally really understand who Simon Cowell's wife (partner) is.

Lauren Silverman

To begin with the most basic facts, her name is Lauren Silverman, she is currently 39 years old, and she is not currently married to Cowell but they have been partners and co-parents since 2013. Lauren was actually married to Andrew Silverman (now divorced) and Simon and Lauren had an affair, that resulted in their adorable son, Eric. Together the couple has one child, three-year-old son Eric Cowell.

The Sun

Lauren is born and bred New Yorker, and in turn, is makes her career as a socialite.

Although Lauren doesn't seem to have an Instagram account, you can find photos of her by searching the hashtag #laurensilverman or by scrolling through Simon's instagram posts

Simon Cowell's Instagram with Lauren Silverman

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Simon's Son Eric Cowell

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Simon's son, Eric, is just starting to dazzle the audiences with his adorable grin and soulful brown eyes. Here you can see proud papa tweeting about his son's first appearance on America's Got Talent.