Who Is Douglas Wigdor? 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know!

Douglas Wigdor

1. Who Is Douglas Wigdor?


Douglas Wigdor is an employment lawyer at Wigdor Law and he is representing the 20+ Fox News employees in their claims of gender discrimination, race discrimination and retaliation against the network.

2. Fox News Is Refusing To Settle The $60M Employement Lawsuit Wigdor Is Representing

Douglas H. Wigdor asked for more than $60 million to settle several disputes with Fox News and 21st Century Fox, at a confidential mediation meeting in late July. Mr. Wigdor proposed that the settlement be paid in a lump sum, giving him the discretion to distribute the payments, according to one of the people.

According to the NYTimes, "The company would not accept Mr. Wigdor's offer and no resolution was reached, said the people, who requested anonymity to discuss a confidential matter. Mr. Wigdor's proposal to settle the disparate cases altogether is considered unusual, as it is rare that there are multiple suits with the same lawyer against the same party. Also, cases typically vary greatly in their merit, making them difficult to value as a group."

3. Wigdor Is Going After Fox News With Another Lawsuit Now

Mr. Wigdor went public last week with another explosive case, filing a defamation and racial-discrimination lawsuit against 21st Century Fox and Fox News.

4. Wigdor's New Lawsuit Involved Trump, Fox News, And Russia

The Seth Rich suit includes accusations that the White House and a well-to-do Trump supporter colluded with Fox News to publish an article as part of a plot to end speculation about the ties between the White House and Russia.

5. Wigdor Has Alerted The British Police To Fox News

Monday, Mr. Wigdor announced that has alerted the British authorities and they are now scrutinizing 21st Century Fox's $15 billion bid for Sky, a European satellite juggernaut. In the letter to the authorities, he listed alleged evidence that showed that the company had not been transparent during the regulatory review; failed to adequately clean house after its harassment scandals; knowingly disseminated fake news, including the Seth Rich article; and did not live up to an earlier agreement to change its corporate culture.

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