Where To Watch Emerald City Online And On TV

Where To Watch Emerald City Season 3 Online And On TV
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Wondering how and where you can watch Emerald City Season 1 starting online or on TV? We've got your answer!

How And Where To Watch Emerald City Online And On TV

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Waiting for Emerald City to come? Unfortunately, you're not in luck because Emerald City has been canceled by NBC as of May 2017. Premiering in January 6, 2017 to 4.5 million viewers, the drama dropped dramatically week-to-week to a season low of 2.3 million viewers, slightly ticking up for its finale with an audience of just under 2.9 million

Where Can I Watch Emerald City On Hulu?

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If you love Hulu and want to watch Emerald City on Hulu, then we have some bad news. If you go to Hulu's site, they don't have any episodes of Emerald City and the status is still "currently unavailable." This means that even with a Hulu subscription, you can't watch Emerald City. So, even if Hulu uploads shows as they air on television, you can't do so with Emerald City.

Where Can I Watch Emerald City On Amazon?

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Unfortunately, you probably won't get to watch Emerald City with an Amazon Prime subscription. However, if you want to stay up to date and love Amazon's streaming service, you can always buy each individual episode or buy the whole first season of Emerald City on Amazon. So, if you want to stay up to date without watching a rerun on NBC, Amazon is your best bet!

Where Can I Watch Emerald City On Netflix?

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More bad news, Emerald City fans. You cannot watch new episodes of Emerald City online on Netflix as they previously aired on NBC. But, that is simply due to the nature of Netflix's platform. However, like we mentioned before, you can buy and watch Emerald City season 1 on Amazon right now - so go get your Emerald City Season 1 fill on Amazon!

Are you ready for Emerald City Season 1? We definitely are!

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