The Complete List of Ta Ta Towel Patterns And Colors!

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Ta Ta Towel

The internet was a blaze yesterday with the Ta Ta towel and for one simple reason: boob sweat is real. Have you ever tried to get ready in a hot bathroom on a humid summer day? You're entire body is sweating and the area under the boob is basically dripping down your body. Sorry for the real descriptor but the ta ta towel is actually solving a problem!

We've compiled all of the Ta Ta patterns and colors we could find, into one great resource! Our personal favorite is the animal print ta ta towel. What is your favorite?

Purple Terry Ta Ta Towel

Greey Terry Ta Ta Towel

Polkadot Ta Ta Towel

Peacock Feather - Teal and Pink Terry Ta Ta Towel

Patterned Ta Ta Towel

Animal Print Ta Ta Towel

*our personal fave! 🐾

Flower Pattern Ta Ta Towel

White Terry Ta Ta Towel

Orange Terry Ta Ta Towel

Mint Colored Terry Ta Ta Towel

Blue Flower Pattern Ta Ta Towel

Black Terry Ta Ta Towel

Black and White Ta Ta Towel

Fiesta Ta Ta Towel

Ok community: tell us what you think of the ta ta towel and if you buy one, what color/pattern are you going to get?