Blac Chyna Snapchat

Blac Chyna's Snapchat is raging right now because of Rob Kardashian's revenge porn post yesterday (which is sexual assault, btw).

What Is Blac Chyna's Snapchat?

Blac Chyna's Snapchat account is BlacChynaLA and her instagram is @Blacchyna. Also, you can see Blac Chyna's location on snapmap (if she's not in ghost mode) with Snapchat's 2017 update for Snap map.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has a colassal showdown on Instagra,m, Snapchat, and Twitter yesterday. According to Dailymail, A smug Blac Chyna taunted Kardashian with, 'I'm rich', and flashed the '$250k' diamond gifts he gave her while posing with another man dressed in his robe. Ouch.

Other things that happened for Blac Chyna on Shapchat and Instagram: * Chyna showed off Cartier bracelets and watch with caption 'lol' * Also posed with pals in Rob's Versace robes as well as showing off designer bed sheets in live video with rap track about being rich and no longer needing to strip * Rob, 30, confirmed Chyna has been lending his 'unwashed' robes to her alleged lovers * Chyna's Snapchats came after Rob claimed Chyna cheated on him as he lavished her with $250k jewelry and luxury cars * Chyna, 29, hit back claiming KUWTK star hit her in a now-deleted Snapchat and accused him of cheating too * Rob revealed on social media that he's scared he might have got Chyna pregnant again after duo hooked up * Couple broke up earlier this year and have seven-month-old daughter Dream together