The 6 Best Gas Masks To Buy For Your Family During Uncertain Times

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Protecting Your Family During Uncertain Times


After seeing the recent Alt Right demonstration at the University of Virginia, and watching Trump tweet utter nonsense at North Korea, left leaning mothers around the country started googling for the "Best Gas Masks" and other self protection items. There is nothing that will enrage a mama bear (any mother that is), to protect her children and family. After seeing the deadly chaos that unraveled in Charlottesville, and TV screens around the US showing neo-Nazis with assault rifles and guns, wearing camouflage -- these mamas (myself included), started googling furiously.

This will be our first post (of many) on showcasing the best items to help protect your family during uncertain times.

Why Buy A Gas Mask?


Gas masks are probably the easiest item to buy that, in the event of a foreign agent in the air, will make or break your survival expectancy. A NBC (Nuclear, biological, and chemical mask) are the only masks to buy because they cover the top three threats that a soldier would face, which is why military personnel have them while at war in targeted areas. Alternatively, a NBC gas mask will protect against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical attacks, but if you want to go one step higher, and it is available, get a CBRN gas mask if you can afford one. They are the most expensive and designed for first responders in a terror attack.

Best Gas Masks For Children & Families


We've detailed out the best gas masks for families (which you can buy on Amazon and have shipped to your house in 2 days). Star rating, price, reviews, and amazon's choice all went into our algorithm to find the best for you. Enjoy!

Czech M10 Gas Mask with Carry Bag


Amazon's #1 Choice: Czech M10 Gas Mask with Carry Bag $31.74

Elite Gas Mask For Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare Protection


Elite Gas Mask For Nuclear,Biological & Chemical Warfare Protection –Military Grade US NIOSH Certified Survival Full Face Mask With Filter For Kids Adults $243.09

Holulo Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator


Holulo Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator Respiratory Protection Gas Masks Paint Pesticide Chemical Formaldehyde Anti Virus Full w/ Activated Carbon Respirator$61.99

3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator


3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6100/07024(AAD), Respiratory Protection, Small $9.19

Israeli Rubber Respirator Mask NBC


Israeli Rubber Respirator Mask NBC Protection For Industrial Use, Chemical Handling, Painting, Welding, Prepping $42.99

VILONG Airsoft Mask with double filter fan


VILONG Airsoft Mask Outdoor Sports Tactical Paintball mask Full Face Skull CS Mask With double filter fan](https://amzn.to/2GioD51) $27.99

SOURCE: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images