Angel Number 1158 Significance and Meaning

angel number 1158

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

Angel numbers are one of the ways that angels, also called celestial guides or attendant spirits, can communicate with you. They are sending very detailed and specific messages through these anointed numbers and symbols. The way that you know that Angels are trying to communicate with you from the other side is by seeing your angel number repeated in a series of events. An example of this would be unknowingly looking at the clock every night at 11:58pm or always receiving 11 and 58 or your lotto tickets. Numbers are the universal language and your angel number is the specific way that these spirits let you know they are present.

Angel Number 1158

The repeating number 1158 (also known as Angel Number 1158) is a very powerful number. In Numberology, the number 11 is highly intuitive, even psychic and the number 58 is hard-working and destined for success. Therefore, the Angel number 1158 is summoning the ability to trust your gut, listen to your intuition as it applies to the area where you work hardest. Whether you work in a professional capacity or in the home, you have been denying your intuition about a certain part of your labor and it is time for you to hear your sixth-sense. By listening to your subconscious, and to the higher power of the universe, you will finally start feeling the success that you know you deserve. Take time to channel this message through meditation, or a quiet moment with your eyes closed. The area that you have been denying your intuition will come to you and you will make the conscious decision to trust your gut.