Tell Us About Yourself & We'll Reveal What Your Pets Really Think About You

If they could talk, ever wonder what they'd say?

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 Aug 22, 2018
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Question: 1/20Pick one!

Which of the following pets do you own? If you own more than one, pick the one you owned first!

Question: 2/20Pick one!

How did you meet your pet?
A friend/ family member gave it to you
At the pet store
At the shelter

Question: 3/20Pick one!

If you have/had a dog, how often would you take him/her for a walk?
Twice a day
Once a day
At least 3 times

Question: 4/20Pick one!

Do you sleep with your pets on the same bed?
Of course!
They can't be roaming around the house while I'm asleep

Question: 5/20Pick one!

Choose your pet movie!
Finding Nemo

Question: 6/20Pick one!

Do you have any allergies?
Only food allergies

Question: 7/20Pick one!

Would you ever bring your pet to work?
Nope - one less thing to worry about
If my company allowed it

Question: 8/20Pick one!

In social gatherings, you're usually:
The social butterfly
The observer
The one who leaves early

Question: 9/20Pick one!

Would you rather:
Be the most attractive person in the room
Be the funniest person in the room
Be the smartest person in the room

Question: 10/20Pick one!

How would you describe your living space?
A beautiful chaos
Neat and organized
Somewhat neat with character

Question: 11/20Pick one!

Which of the following animals would scare the living crap out of you?

Question: 12/20Pick one!

You found a stray kitten. What would you do?
Report it to animal control
Try to find a home for the kitten
Adopt it

Question: 13/20Pick one!

You're walking to your grocery store, and you see a dog inside a car, and it's at least 90℉. What would you do?
Call animal services
Make an announcement at the grocery store to alert the owner
Try to break the window

Question: 14/20Pick one!

Someone cuts you off on the road. What would you do?
Let it go - not worth your time
Cut them off as well
Give them the finger

Question: 15/20Pick one!

You're starving, and most of the nearby restaurants are closed. What do you do?
Order delivery
Whip something up with whatever you have in the kitchen.
Drink a liter of water

Question: 16/20Pick one!

Which of the following subjects did you enjoy learning about in school?

Question: 17/20Pick one!

As a kid, which of the following occupations did you consider?

Question: 18/20Pick one!

Which of the following Summer activities do you look forward to the most?
Watching blockbuster movies
Going to the beach

Question: 19/20Pick one!

If you were to guest star on one of the following reality shows, which would you choose?
The Bachelor/rette
Fixer Upper
Top Chef
The Voice

Question: 20/20Pick one!

If you were to leave town for a year, would your pet remember you when you come back?
Not really sure...
Probably not
Of course! | Quiz Facts

Are you a certified pet lover? Do you ever wonder what your dog really thinks about you? Would he/she like you even if you weren't their primary caretaker? Sometimes, we don't have to travel far into the woods, cross the seven seas, or dive into the unknown to get to know our core. We don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars on a Myers-Briggs personality test or hire a psychologist to understand what truly lies beneath the surface.

If you love personality quizzes, then you definitely need to take this one! Make sure to answer as truthfully as you can. Remember, this is a safe space. No judgment here whatsoever. Once you're done, feel free to share this fun and interesting quiz with your family and friends.

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