We Can Guess Your Political Affiliation Based On These Totally Random Q's


Do you bleed red, blue, or neither?

If you ever wondered which side of the political spectrum you stand on, then wonder no more, and take this quiz!

 Mar 10, 2018

1 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following would you like to have a collection of?
Vintage weapons
Limited edition records
First edition books

2 of 20Pick one!

In an ideal world, everyone would have access to:
Free education
Free Internet
Free healthcare

3 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following issues affects you the most?
High cost of living
Raising taxes
Border protection
Affordable healthcare

4 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following shows do you find the most entertaining?
How I Met Your Mother
Fresh Prince of Bel Air

5 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following dishes would you bring to an office potluck?
Baked Casserole
Utensils and drinks
Chips and dip

6 of 20Pick one!

You have a week off, what would you do?
Go on a cross country trip
Sleep and catch up on chores
A quick getaway to a nearby tropical country

7 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following do you spend most of your money on?

8 of 20Pick one!

Do you shop online?

9 of 20Pick one!

What is your ideal first date?
An outdoor activity
Dinner and a movie
Comedy show

10 of 20Pick one!

Of the choices below, which is the best solution to protect our environment?
Strive to find new ways to support our growing cities
We need to regulate emissions and find better energy sources
We need to make some serious lifestyle changes. Think minimalist.

11 of 20Pick one!

Climate change is real.
Perhaps but there's not enough scientific evidence

12 of 20Pick one!

What was your favorite subject in school?

13 of 20Pick one!

Which do you value most?
Social equality
Taking care of my family and loved ones
Individual freedom

14 of 20Pick one!

If you were to move to one of the following states, where would you go?

15 of 20Pick one!

A homeless man on the corner is asking for money. You:
Buy him food.
Nothing. It's not your responsibility
Give him spare change

16 of 20Pick one!

Do you think the government should provide healthcare?
We deserve access to equal healthcare.
It should provide help to those who need it.

17 of 20Pick one!

Could you see yourself living in a tiny house?
Maybe, but only temporary
Not in this lifetime

18 of 20Pick one!

If you had a free roundtrip ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

19 of 20Pick one!

Choose a TV show that you would most like to watch:
American Idol
The Office

20 of 20Pick one!

If you had to give up one of these foods forever, which would it be?
Ice Cream
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