Quiz: Are You New England Enough To Name All 18 Of These Wicked Good Foods?

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Jimmies, creemees, and grinders...oh my!

If you are a native of New England or you're just familiar with their cuisine, then you definitely need to take this quiz!

 May 26, 2018

1 of 18Name this dish!

Cheesy Mac
Pasta Carbonara
American Chop Suey

2 of 18Name this dish!

B&M Brown Bread
Loaf of meat
Andama Bread

3 of 18Name this dish!

Boston cream pie
Sans rival
Marzapan pie

4 of 18Name this dish!

Noodle bun
Chop suey sandwich
Lo mein

5 of 18Name this dish!

Clam cakes
Lobster bites
Apple fritters

6 of 18Name this dish!

Clam chowdah
Cream of corn
Cream of mushroom

7 of 18Name this dish!

Seafood subway
Lobster roll

8 of 18Name this dish!

Seafood fritters
Crab cakes
Clam pancakes

9 of 18Name this dish!

Marshcarmel sandwich
Smore's sandwich

10 of 18Name the dish!

Date pudding
Bread pudding
Grapenut pudding

11 of 18Name the dish!

Cranberry cakes
Cherry gelatin
Harvard beets

12 of 18Name the dish!

Ginger sticks

13 of 18Name this dish!

Indian pudding
Melt and Molasses

14 of 18Name this dish!

Joe froggers
Aunt Ginger cookies

15 of 18Name this dish!

Patty cakes
Lucy cakes

16 of 18Name this dish!

Louis' Lunch Hamburger
Patty Melt
Ground beef melt

17 of 18Name this dish!

Rhubarb pie
Cherry sundae
Maple bites

18 of 18Name this dish!

Chargrilled oysters
Red Flannel Hash
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If you're looking for some delectable seafood or if you've been in search of the perfect, buttery, and scrumptious lobster roll, then look no further. You will need to book your ticket as soon as possible and head over to New England! New England is a dream of covered bridges, small towns, mighty lighthouses. and stunning coastlines. Do not even get us started with the season transitions, especially the Fall. The crisp breeze along with the autumn colors - it is definitely a work of art.

When people think of New England food, they immediately think of seafood and lobster rolls. While seafood is indeed in a whole different level in New England, there's so much more than that. Have you had rhubarb pie? Actually, let's rephrase that. Have you had mind blowing rhubarb pie? Do you know what a flutternutter is? How about American chop suey? It may not be a sight for sore eyes, but your palette will beg to disagree. You have probably had a boston cream pie, but until you have had the authentic kind, you wouldn't really understand the full hype around this amazing dessert.

I'm sure this introduction is already making your mouth water. It is about to get even worse. If you frequent New England or you're a New England native, take this test to see if you can name all these authentic New England dishes. Now, you might be hungry by the end and maybe feel a little homesick. You have been warned...