Quiz: These 16 Questions Will Reveal What Type Of New Yorker You Are

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What's your New York identity? Find out if you're a brunching fashionista or if you're more at home on Wall Street with this quiz that tests your NYC know-how.

If New York is your home, then you definitely need to take this quiz! If you love New York, then you'll love this quiz!

 Oct 16, 2017
1 of 16Pick one!
What's your go-to meal when you're in a rush?
Halal Guys
Bagel and cream cheese
2 of 16Pick one!
It's a warm Sunday afternoon. What are you most likely doing?
Brunch with friends
Most likely deep into paperwork
On a sightseeing tour
Strolling down Central Park
3 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following would you be willing to wait an our for?
None of the choices
4 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following do you look most forward to?
Fashion Week
Thanksgiving or any major holiday
5 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following would you consider your biggest pet peeve in subways.
People who are on the phone while getting off a subway
People who talk loudly on cellphones
People who clip their nails
People who immediately charge into subways
6 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following is your beloved tourist spot?
New York Stock Exchange
Strawberry Fields
Kat's Delicatassen
Brooklyn Bridge
7 of 16Pick one!
If you could have one of the following, which would you choose?
Rent-controlled apartment
A smart car
A vacation home in Montauk
8 of 16Pick one!
What would you consider the best thing about New York?
The people
The abundance of events and activities
The food
Central Park
9 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following shows did you actually watch?
Mad Men
Gossip Girl
Sex in the City
10 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following characters can you mostly relate to?
Jerry from Seinfeld
Carrie from Sex in the City
Barney from How I Met Your Mother
11 of 16Pick one!
Pick your favorite park!
The High Line
Washington Square Park
The Hills at Governor's Island
Bryant Park
12 of 16Pick one!
Name your favorite play!
Avenue Q
The Book of Mormon
13 of 16Pick one!
Pick your liquid courage.
Old Fashioned
14 of 16Pick one!
How many times have you celebrated New Year's Eve in Time Square?
Once is enough
At least 3 times
Never been
15 of 16Pick one!
Choose your airport of choice.
La Guardia
16 of 16Pick one!
Choose your favorite museum.
The Cloisters
Museum of Modern Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Guggenheim Museum
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