Quiz: Poaching Versus Boiling - Can You Ace The Ultimate Egg Challenge?

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Can you eggsplain the difference between the two?

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 Jan 30, 2017

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What is the preferred boiling water temperature for a successful poach?
160-180 degrees
130-150 degrees
190-210 degrees

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Boiling requires liquid temperature to reach _____.
350 degrees
196 degrees
212 degrees

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Adding a splash of ____ encourages the whites to coagulate quickly.
Soy Sauce

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Slowly cracking the egg into boiling water will help ease the poaching process.

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On average, what is the cooking time for for poached eggs?
4 minutes
8 minutes
2 minutes

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When boiling eggs, one should cook the egg in boiling water for at least 15 minutes for a hard yolk.

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How long can you store refrigerated boiled eggs?
2 weeks
2 days
1 week

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The ring is caused by a chemical reaction involving ______ and iron.

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Which of the following is NOT a vitamin in an egg?
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin C

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When hard boiling an egg, why should one immerse the egg in cold water immediately after removing it from the boiling water?
For easier peel
To make it easier to handle
To prevent the green ring around the yolk
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