Quiz: Only A True "Friends" Fan Will Ace This Thanksgiving Episodes Quiz

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Are you a true Friends fanatic?

If you love Thanksgiving and you're obsessed with FRIENDS, then this is the perfect quiz for you! Take it now!

 Nov 21, 2017

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Let's start with the basic. How many Thanksgiving episodes were there?

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Who among the Friends crew doesn't like dogs?

3 of 15Choose one!

Joey was on a ________ advertisement.
Venereal disease
Suicide hotline

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Football during Thanksgiving is also known as _____ Cup.

5 of 15Choose one!

Why does Chandler hate Thanksgiving?
His parents broke the news that they were getting divorced
His beloved cat died on Thanksgiving
He found out he was adopted

6 of 15Choose one!

The Geller Cup was made out of a:
Troll doll
Care bear
Popsicle sticks

7 of 15Choose one!

In "The One With All The Thanksgivings," what is the term Monica has used to refer to a boy's "thing?"
His tenderness
His twinkie
His ding-a-ling

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What's unique about Rachel's trifle?
It has beef, peas, and potatoes
It has macaroni noodles
It has peanut butter cups

9 of 15Choose one!

Why did Monica's parents dislike Chandler?
Because he's not funny
Because Ross blamed the marijuana smell in his room on Chandler
Because he hates Thanksgiving

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In Season 7, what state did Ross say he forgot and which state did he have written down twice?
Ohio and Rhode Island
Delaware and Nevada
Nebraska and Louisiana

11 of 15Choose one!

Will's two greatest enemies are Rachel and
Complex carbohydrates
Candied Yams
Monosaturated fat

12 of 15Choose one!

What was the name of the club that Ross and Will co-founded?
Rachel Green Sucks Club
Rachel Rocks Club
I Hate Rachel Green Club

13 of 15Choose one!

Which actor played Will in the Thanksgiving episode?
Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt
Johnny Depp

14 of 15Choose one!

What was the rumor that Will and Ross spread about Rachel?
That she had a sex with a teacher
That she had a third nipple
That she was born with both a male and female genitalia

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In Season 10, what is the name that Chandler gives to his and Monica's hypothetical future baby?
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