Quiz: Only A Mother Will Know All 16 Of These Life Hacks. Do You?

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Are you really mom-savvy?

Life hacks has been phenomenon over the last decade and will continue to expand for years to come. Only moms know how to really hack life. Do you?

 Feb 06, 2018

1 of 16Choose one!

To prevent leaking, which of the following would you place inside the bottom of a garbage bag?

2 of 16Choose one!

If you're having trouble opening a jar, which of the following can you use to ease the task?
Paper clip
Can opener
Duct tape

3 of 16Choose one!

What will you need to mix with water to help remove the splinter painlessly?
Baking soda
Apple cider vinegar

4 of 16Choose one!

Which of the following can you use to remove any crumbs or dust in a keyboard?
Paper clip
Post-it paper

5 of 16True or False?

To check batteries, drop them on the ground. If it gives just one small bounce, then it's still functioning.

6 of 16Choose one!

Which of the following can you use to hold open a page in a cookbook?
Pants hanger
Rubber band
Binder clips

7 of 16Choose one!

Which of the following is the most effective way to freeze a bottled beverage?
Place it in a bucket of ice
Wrap it with wet paper towel and place it in the freezer
Freeze it upside down

8 of 16Choose one!

Where can you put pancake mix for a guaranteed no spill experience?
Empty ketchup bottle
Water spout
Tall glass

9 of 16Choose one!

Which of the following is regarded as a cure all for hiccups?
Soy sauce
Teaspoon of sugar
Apple cider vinegar

10 of 16Choose one!

If you're trying to kindle a fire, which of the following can you use?

11 of 16Choose one!

Which of the following can you use to organize a small box of tangled cords?
Empty toilet paper rolls
Paper clips

12 of 16Choose one!

To remove the stem from strawberries, run a ____ through them.

13 of 16Choose one!

What can you use to help get excess paint off your paintbrush by tying around the can?
Wooden spoon
Rubber band
Ziplock bag

14 of 16Choose one!

In need of speakers? Place your smartphone in a ____ to crank up the volume.

15 of 16Choose one!

What can be placed over a boiling pot to prevent spill over?
Rubber band
Wooden spoon
Dental floss

16 of 16Choose one!

Use ___ to save flip flops with split holes.
Bread clips
Double-sided tape
Paper clips
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