Quiz: Only A Louisiana Native Can Pass This VooDoo Test

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Almost 15% of of the population of Louisiana state practice Voodoo. Are you one of them?

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 Dec 19, 2016
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True rituals are held "behind closed doors" as a showy ritual would be considered disrespectful to the spirits.
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Which of the following is believed to bring good luck?
A lock of a girl's hair
A pig's foot
A bird's feather
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If you want to protect yourself from a witch, you should:
Send an offering to Marie Laveau
File a report with the police
Lay a broom across the doorway at night
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Which of the following will give you a week's worth of bad luck?
Having a woman visit you first thing on Monday morning
Running over an animal
Sweeping on Sunday night
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Shaking a tablecloth outside after dark will:
Bring about financial problems
Shake away bad luck
Cause a family member to die
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If you want your husband to stay away from other women, you should:
Obtain a strand of his hair every Sunday
Add a drop of your blood in his coffee
Transfer all his assets in your name
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By taking and turning their picture upside down, you can give someone ________.
A moment of sadness
Bad luck
A headache
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Which sports team hired a Voodoo priestess to combat a ghostly curse?
The New Orleans Saints
The Los Angeles Clippers
The Boston Red Sox
9 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What markings cover Marie Laveau's tomb in New Orleans?
Stick figures
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_______ is a Voodoo amulet originating in Africa which is believed to protect the wearer from evil.
Jimson weed
Arrowhead charm
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