Quiz: Only A Hardcore BTS Fan Will Be Able To Get 10/15 On This Quiz

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Are you crazy for the Bangtan Boys? Take this fun BTS quiz that only the biggest fans will be able to ace!

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond the Scene, is a seven-member South Korean boy band who debuted in 2013 with their hit song 'No More Dream.'

 Feb 13, 2018
1 of 18Pick one!
Let's start easy. How many members are in BTS?
2 of 18Pick one!
What does BTS stand for?
Be There Soon
Behind the Success
Beyond the Scene
3 of 18Pick one!
What is the name of their first album?
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1
2 Cool 4 Skool
4 of 18Pick one!
Which of the following is not a member's name of this group?
Pop Monster
5 of 18Pick one!
What is the literal translation of Bangtan Sonyeondan?
Be the light
Bulletproof boy scouts
Break the status quo
6 of 18Pick one!
Who is the youngest member of the group?
7 of 18Pick one!
What is Suga's real name?
Min Yoon-gi
8 of 18Pick one!
_______ is the name of their fan club:0
Bangtan Nation
9 of 18Pick one!
Among the members, who's considered the leader of the group?
Rap Monster
10 of 18Pick one!
Which BTS member was part of a street dance team before joining BTS?
11 of 18Pick one!
True or False: BTS were the most tweeted about celebrity in 2017.
12 of 18Pick one!
What's the name of Suga's solo mix-tape?
Agust D
13 of 18Pick one!
What song has the lyrics "I wanna big house, big cars & big rings"?
Burning Up
No More Dream
14 of 18Pick one!
Name this song: "Peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet. Chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings."
MIC Drop
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Crystal Snow
15 of 18Pick one!
What song would you hear: "I need your love before I fall fall"?
Save Me
Spring Day
Go Go
16 of 18Pick one!
BTS has a huge ________ following.
17 of 18Pick one!
The band are brand ambassadors to what athletic company?
New Balance
18 of 18Pick one!
What does K-Pop stand for?
Korean Pop
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