Quiz: Only A Criminologist Could Pass This CSI Forensic Quiz. Can You?


Follow the evidence!

Are you fan of the CSI series? Have you ever considered going into forensic science? If you answered yes, then you need to take this quiz!

 Mar 15, 2018

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When entering a crime scene, what is the first thing any investigator should do?
Dust for fingerprints
Sign in
Look for the murder weapon

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The female pelvis is wider than the male pelvis.

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When a presumed blood stain is tested with tetramethylbenzidine, what color does it turn into?
Blue green

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Besides authorities, only family members are allowed to enter the crime scene.

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If a dead body is found without any insect activity, this usually means:
The scene was sanitized before the crime occurred
The body was wrapped in saran wrap
The body was frozen

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If a body was found inside the house, who would you first suspect?
The spouse
The victim for possible suicide

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Which of the following means 'the color of death'?

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A cold body means it has been dead longer.

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Forensic ______ is the use of insects to help determine the circumstances of a crime.

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Men typically have larger skulls than women.

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In order to use hair as DNA evidence, which of the following has to be true?
The strand has to be at least 6 inches long
It has to be pulled from the root
You have to at least have 2 ounces

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Which of the following is not a blood type?

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In forensic science, what does GSR stand for?
Ground Surface Review
General Single Robbery
Gunshot Residue

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Which of the following is not a type of fingerprint pattern?

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Who would typically run a test to see if drugs were in the victim's system?
Ballistics tech

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Who performs an autopsy?
The DA
The funeral home

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How else can you obtain DNA?
Swab the mouth
Obtain teardrops
Foot prints

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You don't need a college education to become a criminologist.
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