Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be A Senator

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Are you fit to be a Senator?

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 Dec 26, 2016

1 of 15Pick one!

U.S Senators serve a term of _____.
6 years
8 years
4 years

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What is the age requirement in order to run for office?
30 years old
45 years old
25 years old

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Do you have to be a natural-born citizen to run for office?

4 of 15Pick one!

Can Bernie Sanders run as a Senator for Texas?
No - He is not a resident of of Texas.
No - He is a democrat.
No - He was born in Vermont

5 of 15Pick one!

How many senators represent each state?
State population determines the number of senators

6 of 15Pick one!

U.S. Senators serve six year terms with no term limits.

7 of 15Pick one!

Who is the longest serving Senator in the U.S
William Maclay
Robert C. Byrd
Dianne Feinstein

8 of 15Pick one!

Who is the President of the Senate?
The Oldest Senator
The Vice President
The Senators vote who will be President

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Who is the assistant to the the majority leader?
The President of the House of Representatives
Minority Leader
Majority Whip

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There is no restrictions on how long a debate can last in the Senate.

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How can a filibuster be stopped?
If the Senator pauses for more than 2 minutes
If 3/5th of the Senators vote to end it.
Everything ends after 9pm.

12 of 15Pick one!

What branch of the government does the Senate belong to?

13 of 15Pick one!

In what building does the Senate meet?
White House
U.S Capitol

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As of 2016, how many members are in the Senate?

15 of 15Pick one!

The Senate is sometimes called the "lower" house of the Congress.
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