Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You're A True Ren And Stimpy Scholar

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"It stays crunchy, even in milk. I may not be the President, I may not be the Pope... but as long as I have Gritty Kitty, I shall never mope."

 Jan 09, 2017

1 of 15Pick one!

Which of the following did Ren suffer from?

2 of 15Pick one!

Where did Ren and Stimpy live?
New York City, Russia
Hollywood, Yugoslavia
Chicago, Uganda

3 of 15Pick one!

What was Stimpy's first material possession?
Oversized blue sweater

4 of 15Pick one!

When was the premiere of "Ren and Stimpy"?
May 1990
September 1993
August 1991

5 of 15Pick one!

What is Stimpy's full name?
Stinson B. Cat
Stimpyson L. Cat
Stimpson J. Cat

6 of 15Pick one!

How about Ren's surname?

7 of 15Pick one!

In 'The Littlest Giant', what town did Ren live in?

8 of 15Pick one!

What is the name of the "Ren and Stimpy" theme song?
Salute Your Shorts
Dog Pound Hop

9 of 15Pick one!

In 'Rubber Nipple Salesmen', what animal did Mr. Horse have in his house?

10 of 15Pick one!

What does Ren often call Stimpy?
An idiot
A (bleep)hole
A loser

11 of 15Pick one!

While in Canada, what law enforcement team do Ren and Stimpy join?
The Mighty Horse Enforcers
The Loony Bin Officers
The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

12 of 15Pick one!

What game does Stimpy and Sven play when Sven comes to visit?
"Monopoly Size You Up"
"Scrambling Tilemania"
"Don't Whizz on the Electric Fence."

13 of 15Pick one!

What does Stimpy do to help Ren achieve his life-long goal of having large pecs?
Donates some of the fat from his rear end
Accompanies him to the gym
Contour his chest with charcoal

14 of 15Pick one!

What was Powdered Toast Man's alter ego?
Pastor Toastman
Becky the Hairdresser
Tommy the Toddler

15 of 15Pick one!

In "Happy Happy Joy Joy," how many times are the title words repeated in a single verse?
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