Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be An Only Child


Do you suffer from the only child syndrome?

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 Jan 30, 2017
1 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following makes you happy the most?
2 of 15Pick one!
What's your favorite holiday of the year?
Your birthday!
3 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following closely describes your fashion sense?
You were always the trendiest in your group.
Your closet is full of basics. Basics are timeless.
You love vintage classic pieces.
4 of 15Pick one!
What's your stance on sharing?
Sharing is caring!
The only thing you share is your opinion.
Sharing is fine as long as it's not food!
5 of 15Pick one!
Were you spoiled as a kid?
6 of 15Pick one!
Did you have your own room growing up?
7 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following would you consider your ideal vacation getaway?
A private beachfront cottage in Bora Bora
Disney cruise ship to the Bahamas!
Backpacking through Europe
8 of 15Pick one!
As a child, what was your favorite game to play?
Hide and Seek
9 of 15Pick one!
Your friends would describe you as:
An old soul
The humanitarian
Wise beyond your years
10 of 15Pick one!
You've been spotted at a party. What are you most likely doing?
Catching up with people you haven't seen in forever!
Taking shots with new friends.
Browsing through social media.
11 of 15Pick one!
Your friend is getting married this weekend! What are you going to wear?
Go to the mall ASAP.
The outfit you bought months in advance.
Whatever's in the closet.
12 of 15Pick one!
What's your ideal Sunday funday activity?
Sleeping all day.
Brunching with the homies.
Catching up with your favorite shows!
13 of 15Pick one!
What are your thoughts on road trips?
You're down as long as someone else is planning it!
14 of 15Pick one!
It's your parents' anniversary. What are you planning?
Nothing. It's THEIR anniversary!
An elaborate brunch!
Tickets to a broadway show!
15 of 15Pick one!
Be honest. Are you always right?
You just go with the flow.
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