Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Fitness Test, You Must Be In Shape

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Are you committed to being fit?

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 Jan 30, 2017
1 of 15Choose one!
The expression of power can best be described as:
Force x Speed x Time x Effort
Distance moved divided by Speed x Volume
Force x Distance divided by Time
2 of 15Choose one!
The primary energy provided to fuel sport and activity participations is provided by:
Daily vitamins and mineral intake
Protein supplementation
Dietary carbohydrates
3 of 15Choose one!
Sarcopenia is the term for:
Age related muscle loss
Complete muscle contraction
Maximal aerobic fatigue
4 of 15Choose one!
Muscle weighs more than fat.
5 of 15Choose one!
The more you sweat during a workout, the more fat the body is burning.
6 of 15Choose one!
What should you eat after a workout?
7 of 15Choose one!
What is TUT?
Trained Universal Tactics
Time Under Tension
Trip Under Trick
8 of 15Choose one!
Burpees, mount climbers, and jump ropes are examples of:
Cardio activities
Low volume workouts
High intensity exercises
9 of 15Choose one!
Which is better for you?
Dark chocolate bar
Low caloric cookie
10 of 15Choose one!
Which is better for your heart?
Chicken breast
Extra-lean ground beef
Turkey bacon
11 of 15Choose one!
Which has fewer calories?
Baked potato
Brown rice
White rice
12 of 15Choose one!
Which of the following has less sugar?
Apple juice
Orange juice
Grape juice
13 of 15Choose one!
Which of the following can boost your metabolic rate?
A high-fat diet
A high-protein diet
A high-carbohydrate diet
14 of 15Choose one!
Which is the most balanced exercise plan?
Cycling, weight lifting, and swimming
Walking, weight lifting, and yoga
Running, cycling, and tennis
15 of 15Choose one
Thirty minutes of straight exercise is better than 10 minutes three times a day.
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