Quiz: Bet You Can't Correctly Pronounce All Of These Southern Words!

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Caddywonked, britches, buggy.

Things only Southerners says. Phrases used in the South. What are the most common Southern phrases. Southern words and usage. Visiting the south.

 Oct 14, 2017

1 of 15Question 15

"Britches" sounds like:
Bright chess
Brit cheese
Brit chus

2 of 15Question 14

"Buggy" sounds like:
Bug gi
Bug Guy

3 of 15Question 13

"Caddywonkers" sounds like:
Caddy wonkers
Candy wonkers
Kaydi wonkers

4 of 15Question 12

"Gussied" sounds like:
Gus side
Goo seed
Gus seed

5 of 15Question 11

"Reckon" sounds like:
Wreck con
Wreck coin
Rake on

6 of 15Question 10

"Y'all" sounds like:
You all

7 of 15Question 9

"Clicker" sounds like:
Cly ker
Click er
Lick er

8 of 15Question 8

"Commode" sounds like:
Coo mode
Co mode
Come mode

9 of 15Question 7

"Supper" sounds like:
Soup per
Sup per

10 of 15Question 6

"Frigidaire" sounds like:
Frigid dare
Free Dare
Frigid dire

11 of 15Question 5

"Yankee" sounds like:
Yawn key
Yan kite
Yang key

12 of 15Question 4

"Crick" sounds like:
Cry ick
Cree ick

13 of 15Question 3

"Citified" sounds like:
Cite Feed
City Fied
City Feed

14 of 15Question 2

"Hissy" sounds like:
Hi see
Hiss see
Hiss sy

15 of 15Question 1

"Holler" sounds like:
Hole ler
Ha lure
Ha ler
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