Quiz: Answer These 16 Questions Correctly And You Could Be President

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Are you the next POTUS?

If you ever wanted a career in politics, then you should probably take this quiz! If you're a Poli Sci major, test your knowledge with this quiz!

 Sep 27, 2017
1 of 16Pick one!
How old do you have to be to run for President?
2 of 16Pick one!
How long must you reside in the U.S to be eligible to run?
No certain amount of time
At least 14 years
All your life
3 of 16Pick one!
As President, which of the following can you do?
Declare war
Veto bills
Make laws
4 of 16Pick one!
Who drafted the U.S. Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
5 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following is considered a swing state?
6 of 16Pick one!
The President is part of the _______ Branch.
7 of 16Pick one!
The U.S. President is elected using which process?
System Of Elimination
Electoral College
Popular Vote
8 of 16Pick one!
How many Supreme Court Justices are there?
9 of 16Pick one!
What kind of government does the United States have?
10 of 16Pick one!
Which document does the Fourth of July commemorate?
Articles of Confederation
Declaration of Independence
11 of 16Pick one!
Who becomes President if the President and VP are unable?
Secretary of State
Speaker of the House
President's first born child
12 of 16Pick one!
Which U.S. President hosted "Fireside Chats"?
Harry Truman
13 of 16Pick one!
The animal that represents the Democratic Party is the:
14 of 16Pick one!
The animal that represents the Republican Party is the:
15 of 16Pick one!
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution are known as:
Bill of Rights
Habeas Corpus
Declaration of Independence
16 of 16Pick one!
T/F: No President has ever served more than 2 terms (8 years).
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