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How long can you remain undefeated?

 Sep 25, 2017
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In this species, the male carries and delivers the baby.
What is a bird?
What is a seahorse?
What is a horse?
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This is the first element on the Periodic Table.
What is Gold?
What is Oxygen?
What is Hydrogen?
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This actress starred in many films including "Pretty Woman" and "Steel Magnolias".
Who is Meryl Streep
Who is Julia Roberts
Who is Julia Child
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Michael Jordan famously promotes this shoe company.
What is Adidas?
What is Skechers?
What is Nike?
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The U.S declared war on this country after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
What is Russia?
What is Japan?
What is Portugal?
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This is the most spoken language in Brazil.
What is Brazilian?
What is Spanish?
What is Portuguese?
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Elvis Presley made his film debut in this movie.
What is "Love Me Tender"?
What is "Manhattan"?
What is "Some Like it Hot"?
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This famous painter cut off part of his own ear.
Who is Claude Monet?
Who is Vincent Van Gogh?
Who is Andy Warhol?
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In fiction, this is the last name of Dr. Hannibal--the Cannibal.
What is Swope?
What is Lecter?
What is Frankenstein?
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This is the postal abbreviation of Idaho.
What is IH?
What is IO?
What is ID?
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This nationally-observed holiday in the U.S marks winter's midpoint.
What is President's Day?
What is Ash Wednesday?
What is Groundhog Day?
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This is the earths hardest substance.
What is gold?
What is steel?
What is diamond?
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Dutch is the language spoken in this country.
What is Morocco?
What is Norway?
What is The Netherlands?
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Clark Kent works for this newspaper.
What is Gotham Globe?
What is the Daily Planet?
What is Smallville Digest?
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If you'd like to visit Machu Picchu, you'll need to go to this country.
What is Argentina?
What is Peru?
What is Brazil?
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This novel by Betty Friedan sparked the beginning second-wave feminism in the U.S.
What is "The Feminine Mystique"?
What is "Another Day Another Patriarchy"
What is "Girls Rule, Boys Drool"?
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In the famous painting, Mona Lisa, the subject is missing this feature.
What are eyebrows?
What is a nose?
What are ears?
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This animal has hollow bones.
What is a cat?
What is a monkey?
What is a bird?
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"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" is the closing line of which classic film?
What is "Casablanca"?
What is "Citizen Kane"?
What is "Gone With The Wind"?
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