Quiz: A Perfect Score On This Language Test Means You're From The Midwest

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If I had my druthers, everyone would speak this way!

A quiz on Midwestern phrases and sayings. See if you can really talk like a true Midwestern local by testing yourself on words like "bubbler"!

 Sep 22, 2017
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What do Midwesterners call hair ties?
Hair binders
Hair holder
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What's a 'bubbler'?
A stomach ache
A drinking fountain
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How about 'concrete'?
Construction material
Frozen custard
Hard bread
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What do people do with 'puppy chow'?
Use it for home decorations
Regularly feed it to their dog
Devour it
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What does "jeet" mean?
'Ride the jeep'
'Did you eat?'
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What's 'pop'?
A carbonated drink
A balloon
A busted tire
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What does it mean when someone is 'schnookered'?
They're in love
They're drunk
They're embarrassed
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What's a 'sweeper'?
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'Tough tomatoes' is the same as saying what?
Tough luck
You're blushing
Rotten tomatoes
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What's a 'padiddle'?
A small paddle used for ping-pong
A car with only one lit headlight
A type of fruit pastry
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What's 'cornhole'?
A type of jeans with holes
A classic state fair game
A fried corn dish
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What would qualify as 'shorts weather' in the Midwest?
Anything above 40° F
Any temperature
Weather below 20° F
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What's a 'stop and go light'?
A watch
A children's game
A traffic light
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Complete the title of this game: Duck, Duck, _____
Gray duck
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What's the common term for casserole?
Baked goods
Oven food
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