Signs You’ve Found the Holy Grail of Friendship

What is the true measure of friendship? Is it the length of time you've known each other? Or could it be the memories you've shared? Perhaps, the times they were there when you needed them the most?

1. They offer support and are committed to your happiness.

They respect your decisions, and encourage you to chase your dreams. They offer companionship and sound advice to guide you through your journey. Genuine friends celebrate your success and help you remain resilient in the face of adversity.

2. They give it to you straight.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to friendship. The truth may hurt, but sometimes, it's what we really need. They mindfully call us out on our wrong doings, and they provide us a unique perspective we sometimes fail to understand.

3. They motivate you to be a better version of yourself.

Whether it's accompanying you at the gym or encouraging you to reach for that job promotion, true friends inspire you to live up to your best potential.

4. True friendship is the absence of toxicity.

Challenges and disagreements are inevitable, but toxicity is non-existent in true friendship. Real friends admit mistakes and apologize when needed. They don't bring you down, talk behind your back, disrespect your boundaries nor constantly lie.

5. They rekindle your inner spirit.

Life can be tough. There are things beyond our control that can yank you off guard during the most inconvenient times. True friends are always ready to cheer you up whether that's taking you out for a drink or a night in with John Hughes.

6. You can truly be yourself around them.

They love you for who you are along with your quirks, flaws, and all things that make you unique.

7. They respect you and the choices you make.

To be respected is to be valued as a person. They take in consideration your needs and trust your judgment.

8. They keep you safe

You can trust that they will never intentionally put you in harm's way. You can confide your deepest secrets and know that they'll take them to the grave.

9. They don’t shut you off.

Sometimes we all need moments of solitude to overcome our personal struggles. When they're ready to talk about it or just be in good company, they reach out.

10. They make your friendship a priority.

As days go by, our life becomes more jam-packed with responsibilities – marriage, work, kids, etc. It's easy to lose touch because our time becomes limited as we get older. Genuine friends find time to connect whether it's a quick phone call or sending a motivational quote over text message.

Real friends are hard to come by, so if you share these with your friends, nurture that special bond. Hold on to your cheerleaders, therapists, confidence boosters and your reality check providers.