27 Things You'll Understand If You're Dating A Picky Eater


The struggle is very real.

1. Choosing a restaurant is like choosing a name for your unborn child.

It's really not that simple.

2. You need a contingency plan every time you go out to eat.

Now's the time to open that growing list of bookmarked restaurants on yelp.

3. You always have their favorite bars handy for times when they're starting to get HANGRY.

4. They love ketchup, pizza and spaghetti, but they can’t stand tomatoes.

5. You go on food adventures by yourself or fellow “foodies”

6. You might have to cross some countries off your list of places to visit.

...unless you go by yourself or with other friends.

7. Ordering food becomes a complex process.

8. They always need to know every single ingredient that went into the dish.

9. But they eventually settle for the same dish they’ve ordered dozens of times...

10. Or order something from the kid’s menu...

11. "On the side" is their favorite option.

12. "No substitutions or add-ons” is a restaurant deal breaker.

Time for that contingency plan.

13. Cooking together is probably not the best date idea.

14. You get this reaction whenever you’re eating something they consider "exotic":

15. Or this reaction when you snuck a new ingredient in their dish:

16. During gatherings, a dish is specially prepared for them or they bring their own food.

17. Sushi is most likely out of the question unless it’s cooked.

Peeps and Rice Crispies Sushi!

18. You have to order separate pizzas.

...or 2 flavors in one.

19. Sharing can be a tricky situation...

...because their options are limited.

20. The plus side is you get to eat what they don’t like.

21. You usually don’t have to argue over the last piece. They'll just let you have it!

22. This is how your order receipt typically looks like;

23. They usually say: “It’s not bad. The texture just throws me off.”

24. You used to say: “Just TRYYYY it. You don’t know what you’re missing out.”

25. Now you’ve developed a better philosophy: “Try one bite. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to eat it.”

26. Because they care about you, they'll give it a try...

27. And when they end up liking it, it becomes one of your greatest achievements!

Mission Accomplished!