React To Some Everyday Situations & We'll Reveal What Emotion You Lead With

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Do you listen to your heart?

If you love personality quizzes, then you will thoroughly enjoy this one! Which emotion usually gets the best of you?

 Jul 22, 2018
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You only have 10 minutes to get ready for work, and you just woke up.
Put on some decent clothes and finish getting ready in the car
You're going to be late regardless, so why rush?
Might as well call in sick. This is not the way to start a day.
Get ready as quick as you can, and try not to be more than 15 minutes late.
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Some jerk cuts you off...twice.
He deserves a prolonged honk.
Cut him off too.
Let it go. He's not worth your time.
Get away from him as far as possible.
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You just remembered you had a potluck at work.
Get a dish delivered from everyone's favorite restaurant.
Don't bring anything. There's always more than enough food.
Run by the store and grab some chips and dip.
You'll grab some utensils and drinks on the way.
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What would you bring to a two-year old's birthday party?
A gift card
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What gift would you most likely buy for a white elephant exchange?
A gag gift
A home decor
An alcoholic beverage
A gift card
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A dog owner doesn't pick up his pet's poop.
Proceed as if nothing happened.
Don't do anything but give him the look.
Call him out on it.
Say something out loud and indirectly.
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What do you do when someone steals your parking spot?
Honk incessantly until you get their attention
Kick or key their car later.
Just let them have it.
Throw your hands in the air if they look your way.
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Someone causes you to spill your morning coffee.
Let it go, and just buy another one.
Ask them to buy you another cup of coffee.
Give them the look.
Let them have it. No one messes with someone's coffee.
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Your friend did not pay their entire share of the bill.
Pay for it and tell them next time if it happens.
Tell them right then and there.
Pay it, and tell them they can pay you later.
Just pay for the difference.
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Your staff member comes in late.
Let it go if it's not more than 15 minutes.
Call them out on it on the spot.
Let it go. What matters is that they complete their assigned work.
Pull them aside and talk to them about their attendance.
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The person in front of you is a dollar short for her groceries.
Wait for the person to ask for assistance
Offer to cover it
Go to another register. This can take a long time.
Pretend like you don't know what's going on
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You catch your friend in a lie.
Assess the lie, and determine if it's worth letting go.
Let it go.
Never trust him/her again.
Confront her/him about it.
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Your friend is constantly late for your events.
Start showing up a little later.
Have him/her set the time for the next meetup.
Let it go as long as it's not more than 15 minutes.
Talk to her/him about it.
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Your boss says something offensive, but it's the first time it has happened.
Let it go since it's the first time it happened.
Talk to them right away about how it made you feel.
Document the situation, and bring it up if it happens again.
Talk to your HR representative.
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Someone ate your lunch at work.
Label your items from now on.
Note to self: buy an insulated bag.
Eat someone else's lunch
Try to find the culprit.
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You're not able to finish your work on time.
Tell your boss you got the deadline date mixed up.
Ask for help.
Ask your boss for an extension.
Just submit what you can.
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You forget your phone at home, and you're already driving.
Go back home during your lunch break.
Turn back around.
Just go to work.
Forward your calls to your work phone.
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You've been stuck in traffic for more than an hour.
You listen to a podcast.
You put on a favorite song playlist.
You curse at the world.
You catch up on some emails.
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