Quiz: Only A True Boricua Can Get A 17/21 On This Culture Test. Can You?

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Boricuas be like...

Are you Puerto Rican? If so, then test your knowledge with this quiz that covers culture, slang, and all things boricua!

 Jun 25, 2018

1 of 21Choose Your Answer:

In your household, what was the preferred seasoning for all home-cooked meals?

2 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What is 'chavo'?

3 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What is the staple side dish to accompany every meal?
Rice and beans
Bread and butter

4 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What is the cure for all sickness?

5 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What is celebrated on January 6?
Saint Felipe Day
Independence Day
Three Kings Day

6 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following did you grow up fearing?

7 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Walter Mercado is your trusted:
Real estate agent

8 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What is a 'guagua'?
Flavored water
A gang
City bus

9 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following games is existent in most Puerto Rican households?

10 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What's a fritura?
Fried food
A fruit tray
A cheese sampler

11 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What are pantallas?

12 of 21Choose Your Answer:

If you were in trouble, your mom would probably chase you with:
A broomstick
A towel

13 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Whenever you feel bad about something or someone, you always say, ______
Acho que fiebre
Ay, bendito

14 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What would you consider an unlucky day?
Wednesday the 13th
Saturday the 13th
Tuesday the 13th

15 of 21Choose Your Answer:

During Carnival, houses are typically decorated with:
Nuestro hogar

16 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What is the capital of Puerto Rico?
San Juan
San Jose
San Manuel

17 of 21Choose Your Answer:

When someone is eating a CHINA, what are they eating?
Chinese food
An orange

18 of 21Choose Your Answer:

When a plane successfully lands, what do people usually do?
Shout 'Dios mio'

19 of 21Choose Your Answer:

When does National Puerto Rican day take place?

20 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Trullas and parrandas are:
Easter activities
Christmas traditions
Wedding festivities

21 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Should you be afraid of an El Cuco?
They're practically harmless
Most definitely
What's that?
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Are you a true Boricua? Do you represent Puerto Rico every chance you get? When you're feeling under the weather, did your mom lather you up with Vicks vapor rub? If you answered yes to one of those questions, then put your Boricua knowledge to the test and see if you can ace this quiz. It won't be easy, but what do you have to lose? You'll even have fun taking it, and you'll learn something new.

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