Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Greys Ep "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"?

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Find a Penny, pick it up!

This trivia quiz will test your knowledge on how well you remember the episode, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” with Dr. Penelope (Penny) Blake.

 Jun 13, 2021

1 of 17Fill in the Blank!

Meredith has flashbacks of _______ while Penny is at her house.
Derek’s death
George’s death
Lexie’s death

2 of 17Pick your answer!

What does Meredith say while everyone is at the dining room table?
“Perfect Penny killed my husband”
“Perfect Penny killed my sister”
“Perfect Penny killed my mother”

3 of 17Pick your answer!

What did Arizona say while they were eating dinner?
“Find a Penny pick it up”
“Find a Penny smack her in the face”
“Find a Penny throw it away”

4 of 17Fill in the Blank!

Miranda Bailey said, “I like ________ Robbins.”

5 of 17Pick your answer!

Which intern brought Jo Wilson some cheese?
Intern Cross
Intern Brooks
Intern Stevens

6 of 17Pick your answer!

Where did Penny Blake work before she joined Grey Sloan Memorial?
Dillard Medical Center
Pac-North General
Mayo Clinic Minnesota

7 of 17Pick your answer!

What was wrong with Maggie Pierce in this episode?
She had a UTI (urinary tract infection)
She had a migraine headache
She had the stomach flu

8 of 17Pick your answer!

Which doctor hired Penny Blake?
Richard Webber
Owen Hunt
Meredith Grey

9 of 17Pick your answer!

Who was Maggie dating during this episode?
Andrew Deluca
Alex Karev
Jackson Avery

10 of 17Fill in the Blank!

Finish this Stephanie Edwards quote, “Deal with your jealousy _______”
deal with your ignorance, those are on you.”
deal with your shortcomings, those are on you.”
deal with your daddy issues, those are on you.”

11 of 17Fill in the Blank!

Alex tells Meredith she looks like she’s in a ___________ video.

12 of 17Pick your answer!

Who cooks dinner?
Jackson Avery
Callie Torres
April Kepner

13 of 17Pick your answer!

What is Penny’s full name?
Patricia Blake
Penelope Blake
Penny Blake

14 of 17Fill in the Blank!

Finish this Meredith Grey quote, “Kepner the food is getting cold let’s _________”
pass those oranges
pass those cucumbers
pass those peas

15 of 17Pick your answer!

Who arrives to dinner late?
Owen Hunt
Amelia Shepherd
April Kepner

16 of 17Pick your answer!

Who berates Penny at the dinner table?
Amelia Shepherd
Stephanie Edwards
April Kepner

17 of 17Pick your answer!

What does Meredith say to Penny as she’s leaving?
“I'll see you Monday. Don't be late.”
“Do not come to Grey Sloan Memorial on Monday.”
“Go back to Dillard Medical Center where you belong”
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