Quiz: Only Diehard Dua Lipa Fans Can Ace This Ultimate Lyric Test. Can You?

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"Break My Heart" Music Video via Warner Music

I got new rules; I count 'em...

This trivia quiz will test your knowledge on how well you know the lyrics to the London born pop singer, Dua Lipa’s, songs.

 Jun 27, 2021

1 of 17Finish the lyrics to “New Rules”

Two: Don't let him in, you’ll have to ____ him out again...

2 of 17Finish the lyrics to "Don't Start Now"

If you don't wanna see me _____ with somebody...

3 of 17Finish the lyrics to "Levitating”

I got you, _______, you're my starlight, I need you all night, come on, dance with me...
Night light
Strobe light

4 of 17Finish the lyrics to “Break My Heart”

I would've stayed at home cause I was doing better ______....
With my friends
At home

5 of 17Finish the lyrics to “One Kiss”

One kiss is all it takes _____ in love with me...
Then you’re

6 of 17Finish the lyrics to “IDGAF”

You say you're sorry, but it's _____...
Over for now
Nobody’s fault now
Too late now

7 of 17Finish the lyrics to "Levitating”

You want me, I want you, baby my _______, I'm levitating...
Special Girl

8 of 17Finish the lyrics to “Electricity”

And even if I could I wouldn't turn on _______...

9 of 17Finish the lyrics to “New Rules”

One: Don't pick up the phone, you know he's only callin' 'cause he's ______...
Needs a ride home
Drunk and alone
Wants to use your phone

10 of 17Finish the lyrics to “Physical”

Lights out, follow the noise baby, keep on dancing like you ain't ______...
Got a choice
Got a friend
Got any sense

11 of 17Finish the lyrics to "Don't Start Now"

Don't show up, don't come _____
To my house

12 of 17Finish the lyrics to “Be the One”

When you're gone oh baby, all the ______.
Mice come to town
Lights go out
Freaks come out

13 of 17Finish the lyrics to “Break My Heart”

Am I falling in ____ with the one that could break my heart...
A relationship

14 of 17Finish the lyrics to “We're Good”

Let's ______ like we should and say we're good...
End this
Think about this
Begin this

15 of 17Finish the lyrics to “Love Again”

I can't believe, I can't believe I finally found ______...
A man
A person

16 of 17Finish the lyrics to “Blow Your Mind”

If you don't like the way I talk, then why am I on your _____...

17 of 17Finish the lyrics to “Swan Song”

We just gotta, we just gotta _____...
Kiss and make up
Hold on tonight
Go home
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