Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Romancing the Stone"?

Romancing The Stone

“What did you do, wake up this morning and say, 'Today, I'm going to ruin a man's life'?”

This is a movie quiz about "Romancing The Stone" starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas about a romantic writer

 Apr 01, 2016
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Romancing The Stone
What does Joan receive in the mail from her brother-in-law Eduardo in Colombia?
A treasure map, marked El Corazon
A ransom note
A dove
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Romancing The Stone
Joan is rescued from Zolo by the unwilling hero, Jack T. Colton. How does she get him to help her?
She pays him $375 in travelers checks
She says she’s donating a kidney
She tells him she is famous
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Romancing The Stone
Joan: “These were ______________.” Jack: “Now they’re_____________."
my only pair, still your only pair
expensive, functional
Italian, practical
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Romancing The Stone
“I could have been killed and you’re ______________?”
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Romancing The Stone
Why does Juan help Joan and Jack?
He likes to mess with Zolo
He likes Joan’s legs
He is a fan of Joan’s novels
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Romancing The Stone
What is El Corazon?
A Godzilla-size opal
A huuuuge diamond
An enorrrrrmous emerald
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Romancing The Stone
“Well, I'm ________________.”
donating a kidney
a romance novelist
a very scared person
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Romancing The Stone
" __________________ broke up!”
The Doobie Brothers
Steely Dan
The Eagles
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Romancing The Stone
“Let's kiss-off this third-world _______________.”
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Jack waits for Joan in a sailboat called the "__________"
Hefty Woman
Bad Hombre
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