Where To Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 18 Online


Where To Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 18 Online

You've been keeping up with Supernatural, right? Good, because we have all the information you need going into Supernatural season 13 episode 18. The new episode, titled "Bring 'Em Back Alive," is a culmination of everything that has been going on lately in the show. It has been a long journey to reach this point - 13 seasons worth if we're getting technical - and it looks like things are finally going to pay off for a favorite family of hunters. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Supernatural season 13 episode 18, including where you'll be able to watch it online!

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Spoilers For Supernatural Season 13 Episode 18

Lucifer became ruler of heaven, but as is usually the case with him, he can't control everything and it leads to nothing but exasperation. Especially for Jo, heaven's first lady. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel discover Gabriel's return and are perplexed by it, wondering what it could mean. Dean becomes that much closer to finally bringing Mary and Jack back home. It really sounds like a lot is going on this week and Supernatural season 13 episode 18 will no doubt be another exciting episode of the show.

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 18 Promo Trailer

The trailer opens with Castiel stating to Sam that Dean is in the Apocalypse World. "With Ketch," Sam adds, to which Castiel replies, "Because that makes it so much better." We're going to have to agree with that! The rest of the promo features Dean and Ketch in the Apocalypse World, trying to track down Mary and Jack, bickering all the while. We suppose that happens when you team up with a ruthless killer that also happens to be a Man of Letters.

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 18 Cast

  • Jared Padalecki - Sam Winchester
  • Jensen Ackles - Dean Winchester
  • Mark Pellegrino - Lucifer
  • Misha Collins - Castiel
  • Alexander Calvert - Jack
  • Richard Speight Jr. - Gabriel
  • Jeffrey Vincent Parise - Asmodeus
  • David Haydn-Jones- - Arthur Ketch
  • Danneel Ackles - Sister Jo / Anael
  • Tim Beckmann - Father Davis
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Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 18 On Television

If you're interested in watching Supernatural season 13 episode 18 on television, we can help you! It is set to air on the CW on Thursday, April 12th at 8|7c. The great news is that you don't necessarily have to have cable now to watch the episode when it airs. Hulu Live TV allows you to watch all your favorite shows as they air on television even if you don't have cable! It costs just $39.99 a month and also features live sports, the news, and Hulu's entire library! It is a pretty incredible deal!

Who will save Gabriel? #Supernatural is new tonight at 8/7c on The CW!

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Watch Supernatural Season 13 episode 18 Online

For any number of reasons, not everyone is able to watch TV shows when they air on television. There is nothing wrong with that, especially living in the age of the internet because the internet is the key to watching all your shows! So where are you able to watch Supernatural season 13 episode 18? Well, the CW's website streams new episodes of all their current television shows mere hours after it airs. iTunes also has episodes available for purchase for $2.99, or $29.99 for the entire season. Similarly, Amazon also has $2.99 episodes and $29.99 seasons!

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Watch Supernatural every Thursday night at 8|7c on the CW!