When Will Season 4 Of Gotham Be On Netflix?


When Will Gotham Season 4 Be On Netflix?

You're caught up on Gotham, the show about young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and many of his friends and foes, right? If not, then this article may be of some use to you because we dig into when Gotham season 4 will be on Netflix, the streaming service that brought forth endless movie and TV show marathons. So get in your comfy sweatpants, grab a bowl of popcorn, and read on to discover when you're Gotham season 4 Netflix marathon will be!

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Will Gotham Season 4 Be On Netflix?

With just a few episodes left until the Gotham season 4 finale, the current season of the show about Batman before the cape has been just as fun and action-packed as the first 3! Now that we are heading into the last part of April, many folks are trying to plan their summers and want to know whether they'll be able to include a complete Gotham marathon on their to do list. So will Gotham season 4 be added to the streaming service's extensive lineup? Signs point to yes! Seasons 1 through 3 are currently available to watch on Netflix, so it seems a bit silly to skip season 4 of a popular superhero show.

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When WIll Gotham Season 4 Be On Netflix?

Now that we know Gotham season 4 will be on Netflix, we want to know when it will be released. Unfortunately, we don't have an exact answer to that question quite yet, but we can hazard a guess! We know that season 3 of Gotham was released on the same exact day that season 4 premiered, September 21st, 2017. If they follow the same formula this year, Gotham season 4 will come to Netflix in late September. What's On Netflix guesses that it may be released in either August or September 2018. Either way, it seems that we will be waiting several more months.

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Other Places To Watch Gotham Season 4

While we wait for the latest season to become a part of Netflix's lineup, we always have the opportunity to catch the show other places online. Fox has the latest 5 episodes on their website. You are able to watch one with their Preview Pass, but after that you will have to login with your cable provider. If you have Hulu, then you can watch the latest 5 episodes there too, along with clips and interviews relevant to the show. iTunes and Amazon also have season 4 of Gotham available for $2.99 an episode or $29.99 for the entire season.

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