Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3: Where To Watch & Preview


Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3: Where To Watch & Preview

It's nearly time for a new episode of Shondaland's latest show, a firefighter procedural set in the same world as Grey's Anatomy. Station 19 season 1 episode 3, titled "Contain the Flame," pushes forth the story of the firefighters at Seattle's Station 19. While Ben Warren (Jason George) of Grey's Anatomy begins a new career as a firefighter, the show follows Andy Herrera Jaina Lee Ortiz, the daughter of the captain and one of the few women firefighters. We have everything you need to know about Shondaland's latest, including the cast list, promo trailer, spoilers, and more!

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Watch Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3 On Television

The great thing about Station 19 is that it is on immediately after Grey's Anatomy, meaning you get to stay right in Shondaland from one show to the next. Station 19 season 1 episode 3 airs Thursday, March 29 at 9|8c on ABC. If you don't have cable, Hulu Live TV offers another option to watch your favorite shows if you don't have cable. It allows you to watch all your shows when they air, live sports, the news, and more for just $39.99, along with access to all of Hulu's library.

All smiles because #Station19 premieres TOMORROW!!!! 😃🚒🔥

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Watch Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3 Online

Technology is great. I mean, what is better than having a ton of different options to watch any show you wan to watch? ABC will have Station 19 season 1 episode 3 on their website not long after it airs on TV. If you haven't watched the first two episodes yet, now is your chance to catch up! If you have a Hulu membership, then you'll find Station 19 episodes to watch. Amazon and iTunes are also considerations, especially if you'd like to keep the episodes. Individual episodes cost $2.99 on each service, while season 1 is $8.97 on Amazon and $19.99 on iTunes.

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What To Watch For In Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3

Andy and Jack (Grey Damon) continue to come into conflict with each other when he has his first shift as co-captain. Considering the fact that they're also dating each other, it seems likely that this will have some implications in their personal lives as well. Especially that considering Andy decided she wanted to apply to become captain after her dad was forced to step down. Jack was next in line to become captain, but that doesn't stop Andy from going after her dream of following in her father's footsteps.

‪"If you have to step down, I wanna step up." -Andy 💪 #Station19 ‬

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Cast of Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3

  • Jaina Lee Ortiz - Andy Herrera
  • Jason George - Ben Warren
  • Grey Damon - Jack Gibson
  • Barrett Doss - Victoria Hughes
  • Alberto Frezza - Ryan Tanner
  • Jay Hayden - Danny Yoon
  • Okieriete Onaodowan - Dean Miller
  • Danielle Savre - Maya Bishop
  • Miguel Sandoval - Captain Pruitt Herrera
  • Iman Benson - Dallas
  • Leslie Hope - Batallion Chief Frankel
  • Caleb Alexander Smith - Seth
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Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3 Promo Trailer

The Station 19 season 1 episode 3 promo trailer shows Andy and Jack butting heads over their different leadership styles and ideas about how to run their crew. She even gets angry when he calls her by her first name rather than by her title as is respectful to do. The fire they go up against also looks intense, putting innocent lives in danger, including potentially the crew. Andy is forced to remind someone that they don't sacrifice people.

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Spoilers For Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3

Now, here are the spoilers. In the new episode, Batallion Chief Frankel arrives at the firehouse and Jack starts as co-captain. Meanwhile, Captain Pruitt decides not to follow his doctor's orders and shows up at the firehouse, wanting to do administrative work despite the fact he isn't supposed to. Also in the episode, the Station 19 crew get a call for a fire in the attic of JJ's apartment building, along with a call from a pool party.

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Watch Station 19 every Thursday night at 9|8c on ABC!